Lachlan’s Software Fayre

The Softawre fayre is dedicated to the memory of the late Lachlan Cranswick.

During EPIDC13 a Software Fayre is organized, for the demonstration of free and/or open-source software used for the analysis of powder diffraction data.

The presentations will take place during lunches (sandwiches will be provided to the first 50 attendees) and poster sessions in room B220/B221.

To obtain more information and book one presentation slot, please go to



In association with the EPDIC13 conference, 2 satellite workshops will be available to participants

Workshop 1
Colloquium in honour of Alan Hewat

This workshop is organized by the Institut Laue Langevin, Grenoble, and will take place at the ILL on Friday, October 26. Registration can be made at :


Workshop 2

ICDD workshop: Materials Identification - X-rays, Electrons, Neutrons & Synchrotron

The International Centre for Diffraction Data workshop will take place on Sunday, October 28 from 13:00-17:00, as part of the EPDIC13 meeting. This workshop will discuss basic materials identification processes, along with new procedures and tools adapted for specific analyses.

Please beware that the location of the ICDD workshop has been modified

The workshop will be held in Hotel Europole, close to the Grenoble train station. Additional information will be sent to the registered persons.

The ICDD workshop program can be downloaded here.

Registration will be part of the EPDIC13 registration.

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